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The Emotion Code and Body Code: 66 Key Topics and How to Work with Them

66 Body Code und Emotion Code Intentions

Whether you are working with the Emotion Code yourself or interested in a Body Code session, everything starts with identifying the specific issue. In this article, I have compiled a list of topics that can serve as a foundation for your energetic work and why these topics go beyond purely physical complaints. I have already worked on most of the listed topics with clients.


  • Which areas of life benefit from Emotion Code or Body Code work?
  • How do I find the right topic for my session?
  • 66 Topics for energetic work with Emotion Code and Body Code
  • Describe and express precisely
  • Find what matters most

The significance of the interplay between physical symptoms and emotional burdens is now widely acknowledged in the medical field: trauma, anxiety, or stress can demonstrably lead to a variety of physical complaints, such as neurodermatitis, migraines, digestive issues, or heart problems. However, experienced trauma, negative emotions, and stress can affect not only the physical level but also other areas of our lives, such as family relationships, partnerships, professional stability, and belief patterns. Therefore, it is healing to seek out the energetic roots of problems and symptoms in all areas of life.

How do I find the right topic for my session?

Eine möglichst exakte Fokussierung auf das Thema ist für den Emotion Code und Body Code Prozess sehr wichtig. Denn nur, wenn die Intention klar ist, können die damit verbundenen Ungleichgewichte und Energien zielgerichtet gefunden und gelöst werden. Auch eine Verbesserung Deiner genauen Thematik kannst Du im Nachhinein leichter bemerken.

Wenn Du beispielsweise lediglich denkst: “Es soll mir besser gehen”, ist Deine Intention ungenau und folglich wird auch das Ergebnis der Sitzung schwammig und schlecht nachvollziehbar sein. Indem Du Deine Intention fokussierst, geht Deine Aufmerksamkeit nach Innen. So wird Deine Energie gebündelt und Deine Selbstheilungskraft gestärkt. Der Grund ist: Die Energie folgt der Aufmerksamkeit.


66 Topics for energetic work with Emotion Code oder Body Code

You can find a topic for your work here, or you can get suggestions on which topics you could work on.

If you’re working with the muscle test yourself, you can test your focus using this list. Please read my blog article on muscle testing for more information here.

  1. immune weakness
  2. desease causing organisms like bacteria or viruses
  3. digestive issues
  4. respiratory problems
  5. musculoskeletal problems (legs, bones, joints…)
  6. nervous system
  7. cardiovascular system
  8. pain
  9. organs (liver, kidneys, heart…)
  10. eye problems
  11. injuries or acciddents
  12. skin problems
  13. allergies
  14. vaccination side effects
  15. sleeping problems
  16. overweight
  17. depression
  18. anxiety
  19. uncertainty
  20. loneliness
  21. feelings of guilt
  22. perfectionism
  23. addictive behavior / substances
  24. dependencies
  25. emancipation, individuation and emotional detachment
  26. low self-esteem
  27. lack of decisiveness
  28. physical or mental weakness
  29. feelings of powerlessness
  30. vulnerability
  31. anger and rage
  32. eating disorders
  33. lack of self-love
  34. offensive energies
  35. poisoning / toxins
  36. difficulty setting boundaries
  37. authority issues
  38. communication problems
  39. negative thought patterns
  40. uncertainty / confusion
  41. learning difficulties
  42. difficulty concentrating
  43. restlessness
  44. stress
  45. blockages
  46. blocks to success
  47. transformation and personal development
  48. calling
  49. problems in partnership and connections
  50. disrupted relationships
  51. burdensome mother/father issues
  52. sibling rivalry
  53. negative dynamics in the relationship with XY
  54. being an outsider
  55. being a victim / bullying
  56. emotional powerlessness
  57. betrayal (in various areas of life)
  58. emotional injuries / emotional trauma
  59. physical trauma (due to accidents, surgery, assaults, etc.)
  60. inherited traumas (transgenerational transmission)
  61. inherited negative emotions
  62. energies that stand between me and person XY
  63. obstacles, talents, and abilities to use to the fullest
  64. improve spiritual connection
  65. lack of trust
  66. emotions (and imbalances) related to situation XY

Describe and express precisely

Your intention becomes clearer the more precisely you formulate it. Here are some examples:

  • recurring urinary tract infections
  • fear of the future
  • workplace bullying by a colleague
  • authority issues with supervisors
  • medication poisoning

Even if you don’t work with the Body Code system yourself, you can still use the Emotion Code to release hidden emotions that may be underlying illnesses, challenging life experiences, and difficult relationships. By doing so, you prevent them from continuing to negatively impact your physical and emotional well-being.

Find what matters most

If you have no idea what to focus on at all and still don’t feel comfortable, you can choose this intention: “current negative emotions” for working with the Emotion Code and “current imbalances and energies”. This way, the most pressing emotions and energies for resolution will reveal themselves. Improvement usually occurs very quickly after releasing specific energies.

When you book a Body Code session with me, I’m happy to assist you in narrowing down your intention.

Since 2022 I am a certified practitioner by  Dr. Bradley Nelson / Discover Healing.

I hope you liked these suggestions, and if you know of any other helpful intentions, feel free to write them in the comments!


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