Sabina Kowalewski

Heal and Grow

I am Sabina

I am Sabina, I am helping you to clear the way for more health, joy and meaning in your life… I am supporting you so that you can leave stressful emotions and blockages behind.

Are you  stuck in your life and stuck with your problems? You keep having similar negative experience in partnerships, family, relationships, job and career?

Physical and mental problems discourage you?


  • I support people in releasing negative emotions, which cause physical, mental or emotional pain
  • I believe in personal development and a greater meaning of our existence
  • I want to encourage people, bring them forward and strengthen their ability to act
  • I am a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, a qualified social therapist and I also have a good intuition.


I believe in personal development and a greater purpose of our existance. This is my motivation and I hope to inspire you on your journey!


The Emotion Code helps to release unresolved emotions stored in our system in difficult times of our life. Trapped Emotions are oftentimes the root cause of psycological or physical problems. By releasing those emotions we open up for more well being, better health and fulfillment.

Body Code

The Body Code helps you to identify physical and energetic imbalances which are the cause pain and illness. Clearing out those imbalances and energies helps your body to heal and allows your soul to thrive and flourish.

I can help you

  • to clear energies and imbalances  that keep you from living a fulfilled and happy life
  • to overcome heartache and pain
  • to prepare your body and your soul to heal
  • to find and resolve energetic roots of your physical symptoms and mental blockages



I am helped

Everything is energy and intention. I am supported by my ancestors, who are always by my side. the neveranding love which is surrounding us throughout all times is powerful and heals everything. Whenever we connect to this love while  doing healing work we are able to let go of old patterns and regognise new opportunities.


Iris L.Deutschland
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Ich empfinde Deine Arbeit als so so hilfreich! Wir werden von so vielen Energien immer wieder auf ungute Weise angegangen und da ist es unglaublich gut zu wissen, dass es Wege und Menschen wie Dich gibt, die einem da so hilfreich zur Seite stehen. Ich fühle mich nach jeder Sitzung wieder geordnet und geerdet was sich natürlich auch körperlich bemerkbar macht.Ich bin unmittelbar während der Sitzungen schon viel ruhiger geworden. Die Thematik mit meiner Schwester hat sich dahingehend verändert, dass ich mich nicht mehr verstrickt in Schuldgefühle fühle. Ich habe die Situation losgelassen und akzeptiere sie so wie sie ist. Es ist mit Sicherheit nicht meine letzte Sitzung bei Dir gewesen. Ein großes Dankeschön an Dich! Iris
Christine N.Deutschland
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Deine Arbeit mit Emotion Code und Body Code ist wundervoll. Immer gut, um damit auch bewusst zu arbeiten. Schritt für Schritt an des Pudels Kern. Liebe Grüße Christine
Hans-Christian W.Deutschland
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Seit mehr als zwei Jahren arbeite ich mit Sabina zusammen. Bei scheinbar unüberwindlich anmutenden Gefühlen, die mich aus Kindheitstagen begleiten, hilft Sabina mir mit Emotion und Body Code die Schleier zu lüften. Hin zu einem schönen, befreiten Leben. Beide sind hochwirksam bei mir. Was Sabina durch die Erweiterung ihres Spektrums mit dem Body Code erforschen kann, macht mich manchmal sprachlos, wie tiefgründig sie Dinge damit aus der Taufe heben kann. Dafür ganz lieben Dank mit der Neugier auf zukünftige Session gepaart. Herzlich Hans-Christian
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Sabina has been such an important healing force in my life. She is such a talented medium for this work. Her loving heart creates a safe and compassionate space allowing the unconscious mind and body to open, release and heal many generations of trapped emotions that I felt were only mine. Her skill is immense and the result is stunning. Love flows easily now. I feel more grounded in truth and less mental chatter.
Ruchita G.
Ruchita G.India
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Sabina has been a great support for me. I was in a confused and depressed state of my life with no confidence and courage to come out of the negativity and stand up for myself. We started doing Emotion Code and Body Code Healing connecting to the Akasha. I saw it unfolding to me thereafter. I became a much calmer person, I started getting good opportunities in work, I got good collegues and all my personal equations with my family became sorted, I started living in the present. This is like a magical helping hand everyone is looking for. Keep on helping people. Thanks a lot Sabina for your relentless efforts and support for me.