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Essential Oils and the Body Code

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I love essential oils. If it smells pleasant, everything is even more beautiful. I can feel how they affect me: sometimes relaxing, sometimes stimulating, sometimes motivating. I have been fascinated by the healing effects and different uses of essential oils for many years. That’s why I think it’s wonderful that essential oils also have a place in the Body Code ® system  and their effect supports healing.

Essential Oils: Traditional Remedies

Plant oils with their special ingredients have been used for the well-being and healing of people for hundreds of years. Oils have long been used to protect against pathogens, viruses and bacteria, to treat illnesses, wounds and injuries. They support the healing of tissue and nerves. Records and evidence for the early use of essential oils can be found in many ancient documents, for example in the Bible (e.g. cinnamon, cedar wood, frankincense, myrrh, nard), among the ancient Egyptians (e.g. rose oil, frankincense, myrrh), among the Romans and also in ancient Arabia.

Extraction of Essential Oils

Essential oils are found in many flowers, perennials, and trees: in the roots, wood, stems, leaves and seeds. They are usually obtained through steam distillation. Essential oils have a very complicated composition made up of a wide variety of chemical components. That’s why their effect is very finely tuned and diverse. Lavender oil, for example, consists of around 300 different components with a wide variety of effects. Depending on its composition, the effect of an oil can be invigorating or calming, it can stimulate the immune system and help fight pathogens. Essential oils also have an effect on the mind and improve the emotional mood through the specific scents.

Ätherische Öle im Body Code
Lavender and Immortelle

Fragrance: Effect on the Body

Unlike the other senses, smell is not processed by the cerebrum. Scent molecules pass through the nostrils directly to the center of the sense of smell and go directly to the limbic system, where emotions are processed. The limbic system controls body processes and functions such as drive, memory, emotions, food intake and reproduction. Essential oils therefore have an impact on a physical level

  • Heart rate

  • Blood pressure

  • Breathing

  • Memory

  • Feeling of Stress

  • Hormone Balance

There are numerous studies about specific healing properties of essential oils.

Essential Oils and the Body Code®

In addition to the five categories for finding causes (misalignment, circulation or system, toxins, pathogens and energy) the Body Code System® also contains a further compilation on “nutrition and lifestyle”. A wide variety of methods to support healing are listed here. One of them is the essential oils section. It includes a list of 75 different essential oils. The use of a specific essential oil can not only stimulate the limbic system and have an impact on emotional feelings and behavior, but also bring its healing effects on a physical level. Essential oils can help with physical and mental symptoms, for example

  • Reduction of anxiety

  • Relief from feelings of stress

  • Relief from headaces and migraines

  • Promote relaxation and sleep

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Killig pathogens through antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal effects

Find the right Essential Oil

In many cases, essential oils can help you relieve symptoms. There are numerous well-founded studies and compilations of oils and their effects on the body that you can rely on. In a Body Code session, however, we first identify and resolve the energetic causes of your symptoms. We then use muscle testing to find out whether a particular essential oil is helpful for your recovery process. The oil found often corresponds to the physical symptom that is in the foreground or to the underlying psychological problem.

Energetic Themes and Essential Oils

I have compiled some mental issues from my Body Code practice and found essential oils that balance these issues. If you are unsure whether the topic or essential oil is right for you, simply check it with the kinesiological muscle test.

 Essential Oil
EnergyBergamot, Lime, Orange Cinnamon
Power, StrengthLemon myrtle, marjoram, oregano
Emotions, mother issuesJasmine, lemon balm, hyssop
Love, compassion, heart issuesCistus, rose, chamomile
Learning, communicationClary sage, lemongrass
Identify the bigger picture, hopeSage, blue cypress, silver fir
boundaries, father issuesCelery seed oil, cedar
Freedon, innovation, changeSpikenard
Illness, suffering, deathCedar, Neroli
spiritualityFrankincense, Palo Santo

In addition to the individual oils, there are specific and highly effective oil blends that have been designed on specific isuues for physical and mental health

These oil blends were created by Gary Young, a proven l expert on essential oils and produced under  high quality standards by the Young Living.

Some of these essential oil blends have been showing up regularly in Body Code Sessions. My clients have benefited the most from these

Young Living Essential Oil  
Inner ChildChildhood trauma, abuse
ReleaseLetting go of mental and emotional burdens
Magnify your PurposePromote creativity, motivation and focus on what is most important
DigizeDigestive and intestinal problems, stomach
Dragon TimeHormonal problems in women
ThievesPathogens, antibacterial, anti-infection and antiviral effects
Australian BlueEmotional and energetic protection

Also from these essential oil blends you can identify the right one for your issue by using the muscle test method. 

Application of Essential Oils

Essential oils are suitable for various applications:

  • for massage or mixed with a carrier oil (e.g. back or muscles)
  • for spot application
  • Internal use: ingest on a carrier oil (such as olive or sesame oil) or bread (e.g. peppermint oil)
  • Inhalation with an aroma lamp (e.g. lavender oil or sandalwood) this way the oil has a direct effect on the limbic system in the brain
If you master the muscle test, you can test whether the oil is helpful for you or not.
It is best to use the oil diluted with a neutral oil.
If you are unsure and you want to rule out hypersensitivity, test the oil on your elbow and wait for half an hour to see if there is a reaction.
Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes. If you have used too much oil or if reactions occur, do not remove the oil with water, but with a neutral oil.

I am sure that you can also benefit from the wonderful healing properties of essential oils.

If you need help finding the right oil for your issue or if you want to book a Body Code Session don’t hesitate to

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