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Emotion Code

Why Emotion Code?

Everything we experience brings up emotions. 
Some emotions are positive like joy or thankfulness, others are more negative like anger or grief and they are all stored in our body and energy system.
To release trapped negative emotions emotions will give way for more joy, health and aboundance in your life!

How emotions affect you

When we cannot or don’t want to allow certain emotions in the moment of experience, they are split off and hidden from the self and from others and stored in our body.

This often happens in childhood but also in later life. These unresolved emotions are mostly the reason for mental and physical pain.  

Unresolved emotions are stored in the cells of the body, because the body consists of over 70% water and water is known to store information.


An excellent method to find and solve hidden emotions in the subconscious is the method of “Emotion Code” by Bradley Nelson. With the help of kinesiology we can find the origin and essence of the hidden unresolved emotions. And by means of magnetic resonance this information or the emotion can be released from the body cells.


As a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I will help you to immediately find and release the hidden emotions which are causing discomfort.  Very soon you will notice how much better you feel.

An Emotion Code Session can also be helpful for animals, because they feel emotions just like humans. Those emotions can cause discomfort when they cannot be expressed.

An Emotion Code Session, whether for humans or animals, can be held in person, over the phone, or video. Over the distance, we use the proxy principle. It works just as well.

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