Sabina Kowalewski

Body Code

Why Body Code?

Your body is your soul’s home and all information and experience on the journey, pleasant or unpleasant,  is stored in its cells.

To clear out negative energies and emotions can help you to live a more healthy and free life.

Body Code

The Body Code® System completes the  Emotion Code® by Bradley Nelson.

While you can find the emotional roots of mental, emotional or physical symptoms with the help of the Emotion Code system, you can identify imbalances in even more categories while using the Body Code System.

When those imbalances and misalignments are treated energetically and their energetic roots are released, your life energy will be able to flow again and you can overcome illness and pain and .

Body Code categories are

  • negative emotions and other energies
  • body systems of  organs, glands, bones, chakras and more
  • toxic substances like organisms and radiation
  • pathogens and their energies
  • misalignments for example of bones or organs
  • Specific lack of healthy behaviour, physical needs like sleep or additions to nutrition

Your unconscious mind provides all the information and answers. This is why the connections between the physical problem and the energetic cause can be found. Muscle testing brings up precise information which is hidden from the conscious mind.

Oftentimes a physical problem is linked to a chain of other imbalances under the surface. At the end of this chain usually an energetic problem can be found such as a trapped emotion or a negative thought pattern. When the energy at the root of this chain is found the whole chain can be released and and the parts of the body are reset in their energy.

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