Sabina Kowalewski


66 Body Code und Emotion Code Intentions

The Emotion Code and Body Code: 66 Key Topics and How to Work with Them

Whether you are working with the Emotion Code yourself or interested in a Body Code session, everything starts with identifying the specific issue. In this article, I have compiled a list of topics that can serve as a foundation for your energetic work and explained why these topics go beyond purely physical complaints. I have already worked on most of the listed topics with clients.
Which areas of life benefit from Emotion Code or Body Code work? How do I find the right topic for my session?
Here are 66 topics for energetic work with Emotion Code and Body Code. Describe and express precisely to find what matters most.

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Body Code, Emotion Code, Essential Oils

Essential Oils and the Body Code

Essential Oils are a part of the Body Code System. With their special ingredients they have been used for the well-being and healing of people for hundreds of years.
I explain how I use them in my practice.

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