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How to use the Muscle Test

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With muscle testing we can get answers from the  subconscious, because the subconscious is like a database of all the information in our life. This includes all of our experiences, thoughts, feelings, physical conditions and much more. That’s why everything that has led to imbalances and subsequent problems in body, mind and soul is stored in the subconscious. If we use this information, we can also find energetic triggers for current symptoms.

Requirements for the Muscle Test

We don’t have to believe in muscle testing for it to work, but we should at least be open-minded. Otherwise, a mental block prevents helpful answers from the subconscious. Even if we want to test ourselves and are skeptical, it is enough to reassure ourselves, loudly or quietly, within ourselves that we are open to receiving answers in this way. “I am open to muscle testing” is a helpful affirmation. Another requirement is that the body itself is able to display these responses. We should make sure that it is sufficiently hydrated and it is best to drink some water beforehand. It is also important that the body is as free as possible from toxins such as strong medications, chemicals, alcohol or drugs or individually allergy-triggering substances such as gluten, nuts or mold if we are allergic or sensitive to them. Sometimes also a misalignment of the cervical spine can be the reason muscle testing doesn’t work.

How Muscle Testing works

The easiest way to use muscle testing for yourself is the tilt test. It works because all organisms, from single-celled organisms to plants and humans, are repelled by negative things and drawn to positive things. For example, plants align themselves with light or animals shy away from noise. For the simple form of the muscle test, the tilt test, we stand relaxed and upright in the room so that the knee joints are not locked. Our body will move forward when a truth, something positive, or an agreement is named or thought.

How to practice the Sway Test

Stand relaxed and upright. Think of something positive like love, hope or healing and watch your body slowly swing forward. You can also try this with a true statement like “My name is…”. Now think of something negative such as hate, violence or failure and you notice how your upper body inevitably recoils. You can also do this test by formulating an untrue statement such as “I am Napoleon”.

As an experiment, I once simply gave clients a labeled, folded paper with a positive term and another with a negative term. Without reading it, they leaned forward or backward accordingly. Try this too.

Using the Muscle Test

With muscle testing, as described above, we can use the body’s reaction to make the correspondence with an individual truth that is stored in the subconscious visible. The answers are of course exclusively yes/no answers. Begin each test sequence by recalling yes and no so that you are clearly aligned. Check whether the body’s reactions are correct. Should there ever be a positive reaction, i.e. a forward movement, to a “negative” concept or truth, this can mean (if we can be tested) that deep down we are in alignment with these energies. These could, for example, be negative beliefs such as “I am not loved” or “I am unattractive”. If we respond positively to such sentences and swing forward, it means that deep down we believe this to be true. When you practice the tilt test, you can easily check which hindering beliefs and responses are anchored in your subconscious and are preventing you from being happy, successful or healing.

When not to use the Muscle Test

Muscle testing is not a tool to predict the future. To questions like “Will I find a good job?” or “Will I get married?” you won’t get any valid answers from the subconscious. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t just depend on you whether you get hired or get married, it also depends on your personal will and commitment whether your plans and goals can be implemented. Additionally, your hopes and expectations will certainly influence your body’s responses and you will see a result that you like.


Unclear Results

If you don’t get clear results from the test, you should consider the following:

      • Let there be a moment of peace. Reset yourself by simply saying or thinking yes and no several times. Once your body is swinging back and forth “correctly” again, you can continue testing. Realign your intention and say to yourself: “I am open to the answers” and “I am free from expectations.”

    Another Method of Muscle Testing

    With the ring in ring method, you form a circle with the thumb and index finger of one hand and chain it to the ring of thumb and index finger of the other hand. This now looks like two chain links connected. Keep your fingers loose. If you say “yes” or make a positive statement, the “chaining” of the two hands will remain. If you now use the same energy and formulate a “no” or a negative statement, the muscle becomes weaker and the linking of the fingers becomes loose.

    This method requires some practice before it works well, but it is very practical because we don’t have to stand and it makes statements faster if you master it well. It is important that you do not use too much force in your fingers, the less the better. Plus, you focus more on the question itself than on the body. Muscle testing requires some practice. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work right away. I also practiced at the beginning. Muscle testing is the main tool for the Emotion Code and Body Code. If you want to find and resolve your hidden emotions yourself, just keep at it! If you need support or would like to learn with me how best to use muscle testing, please contact me.

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